Farmer’s Market Thursdays Begin Today!

Farmer’s Markets are great ways to get fresh produce and other foods locally. This type of shopping reduces your carbon footprint, supports those around you and puts sustainable living in perspective! For me, talking to the farmers and seeing them so proud of their food is very uplifting. I love knowing how and where the food is farmed – not only do I learn, but I know that I’m supporting someone’s positive lifestyle. Plus, I find the taste of vegetables from naturally/organically grown Farmer’s Markets is much more flavorful!

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Note: That handsome lad in the above picture with me is my boyfriend, Lu. Everybody say “Hello Lu!”

I digress. Every Thursday, I am going to feature a new Farmer’s Market – of course, there aren’t enough in the NY/NJ metro to do a different one every Thursday, so there will be some repeats. The premise is simple: I’ll go to a Farmer’s Market, post pictures of what I found/what looked delicious and later that evening, I’ll be posting a brand new recipe, featuring items picked up in the market! So stay tuned each Thursday…. and maybe you’ll see me at a Farmer’s Market near you (if you live in the NYC/Hoboken/Jersey City area, of course).

It’s super easy to build Farmer’s Market shopping into your everyday – luckily, their hours are usually conducive to the working world (smart, eh?). At the bottom of this e-mail, you’ll find a list of New York City and Jersey City/Hoboken Farmer’s Markets with locations, hours and days of the week.

Benefits of Shopping at a Farmer’s Market

1. You’re Helping the Environment: I could go on all day. One of the main reasons I went vegan (for two years, 2008 – 2010) was for environmental reasons. Buying locally reduces YOUR carbon footprint – the fossil fuels saved are tremendous. Transporting all of that food to the large grocery stores takes a lot of fuel and pollutes the air! Plus, studies show that local sustainable farming is better for the preservation of soil and water!

2. Quality of the Food is Better: Because the farmers aren’t traveling far (versus a large grocery store’s distributor), there will be less bruises and bumps! Also, the farmers obviously take more care and ensure that they pick at the peak of flavor to bring it right to you. The flavor is always more robust, especially at organic farms.

3. Supporting Local Farmers is Good For You and the Farmer: The farmer is basically bypassing the store and coming straight to the consumer, so you often times get better deals (try funky, eclectic looking foods – they tend to have a lower price point than common ones like carrots or apples). Also, the farmers are getting more for their labor, instead of having to get a low price on selling wholesale. Keep shopping at Farmer’s Markets and keep these farmers in business!

4. You’re Dealing with People: You meet great people – they are passionate! Talk to the farmers, flatter them – they may give you some freebies or some “kindness” discounts for brown nosin’ (oh come on, we ALL know it helps!) You’ll connect with them and realize that not only do you get more fresh, naturally grown foods – but you’re making a person’s day and helping their business! Kudos to you.

5. You’ll Expand Your Palate: We’re all victims (especially me!) of going to the grocery store and doing the same boring shop. Let’s see – milk, eggs, cereal, bread, bell pepper, apples, lettuce, chicken, carrots, bottled dressings? Sound about right? Going to a Farmer’s Market makes you SO much more aware of what’s out there – and forces you to be creative and ultimately…. healthier! It’s definitely a good idea to go with a list in mind but try not to stick so rigidly to that list.

TIP: Bring a friend… or your boyfriend/girlfriend! Make a day out of it (or an evening, if you’re going after work!)

Farmer’s Market Schedule:


Days of the week Times Location
Wednesdays 3:00-7pm Hamilton Park
Tuesdays 12:00-7pm Newport Centre Mall
Mondays & Thursdays 4:00-8pm Grove Street
Saturdays 11:00am-4pm Paulus Hook


Days of the week Times Location
Thursdays 2:00-7pm 13th & Hudson Streets
Tuesdays 3-7:30pm Washington St between Newark & Observer
Saturdays 9am-2pm Between 15 and 14th St on Garden St


Days of the week Times Location
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8:00am – 6pm Union Square
Saturdays 9:00am-5pm 110th and Manhattan Ave
Sundays 11:00am-5pm Fulton Street – down by the pier/South St Seaport
Wednesdays & Saturdays 8:00am – 3pm TriBeCa– Greenwich St and Chambers
Sundays 8:00am-5pm Columbus – 78 to 81st
Sundays 8:00am-6pm Tompkins Square


Days of the week Times Location
Sundays 11:00am-5pm 5th Ave and 4th StreetPark Slope
Saturdays 8:00am-4pm Prospect Park West & Flatbush Avenue
Sundays 11:00am-4pm Russell St. off Nassau Ave – sidewalk outside McGolrick’s Park
Sundays 11:00am – 4pm Cooper Park — sidewalk on Maspeth Ave at Olive St
Sundays 8:00am-4pm Caroll and Smith StreetCarroll Gardens

2 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Thursdays Begin Today!

  1. Peter W. Yip

    Hello Lu, and Ali,
    Just got an email from Lu about your inspiring new adventure. Eating pasta made from Veggies sounds healthy and a great way for kids to eat their veggies with a surprise that it’s made from vegetables. Genius idea, as I was reading this, I salivated, and had to know where will you be selling your pasta at the farmers markets listed below?.

    Look forward to transforming the way I eat. Especially for my parents, they eat a lot of carbs and this would be a great way to change their diet. As I know they do not like to change, but for this matter it works out because it’s made from the veggies themselves.

    Good luck
    Kind regards,
    Peter W. Yip

    1. inspiralizedblog Post author

      Peter – thanks so much for the kind words! I appreciate the encouragement – it’s definitely healthy for everyone and I’m so excited to share with everyone all that I’ve been dreaming about!

      It’s on my goal list to partner up with some of the farmers at the markets, so stay tuned! Thanks again….


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