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Making Vegetables Fun for Kids with Zucchini Pasta

2013-07-17 05.16.03

From speaking to my parents, other parents, and reading mommy (or daddy!) blogs, I’ve learned a few things when it comes to cooking for children:

1. It has to be quick: most households are dual-income now (yay women!) and so between dropping the kids off at daycare/school, going to work, picking kids up and driving to after-school activities, not much time is left for making dinner.

2. It has to be simple. because of #1, parents can’t spend an hour making dinner – sometimes they barely have 5 minutes, so it’s crucial that recipes don’t have too many complicated and time-consuming steps (like reducing a sauce, baking for 30 minutes, etc).

3. It should be fun to eat: whether it’s reading or playing in the sandbox, kids love to have fun – same applies when eating. Kids love multi-colored cereals and funny-shaped pastas. It’s much easier to get your kids to sit down at the dinner table when they have pancakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

4. It would be nice if it was healthy: while all mothers of course want their children to eat as healthy as possible, not all mothers makes this a priority, because of #1, 2 and 3. It’s much more fun for kids to play with dinosaur chicken nuggets than eat a bowl of broccoli. Plus, parents don’t have time to make 2 different meals, so they’d like to make something they can feel not guilty about eating.

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Hoboken Mommies & Chicken (Zucchini) Noodle Soup


Guess what? I was featured on Hoboken Mommies, a social networking website for moms in Hoboken, NJ. I wrote an article on making healthy meals for your kids. I know what you’re thinking “But you’re not a mother?” That’s alright – I have a mother, I have friends and family who are mothers, and most importantly, I know healthy eating. Plus, I’m a woman and therefore have a maternal instinct, doesn’t that count for something? You don’t have to be a parent to understand that it’s crucial that our children grow up eating a balanced diet, including plenty of heart-healthy veggies.

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