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Greek Inspired Zucchini Pasta – Feta Turkey Meatballs!

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I’ve been meaning to make a kale pesto for a long time. I’m a huge lover of kale – I put it in everything: salads, omelettes, juices, smoothies and pastas, of course. I’ve even heard that kale pesto is the new basil pesto. Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but kale pesto is definitely a light, refreshing way to enjoy pasta – or anything, for that matter.

I’m leaving for Greece next Friday (eeeee!!!), so in mental preparation for that trip, I decided to add in some feta to the meatball mix. I’m so glad I did, it creates a salty deliciousness and a bit of moisture, since I opted not to use an egg (let’s try to keep our cholesterols at bay, alright?)

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Tasting Tuesday: Spinach, Mushroom and Turkey Bacon Pasta (Zucchini Pasta)

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This whole eating meat again thing gets better and better each day. I’m taking it slowly – I think filet mignon will be the last thing I try, as I baby step into a carnivorous lifestyle (after my nearly 5 year hiatus.) Today’s baby step: cook with bacon.

Of course, I couldn’t just jump right into pork bacon. The next best thing? Turkey bacon! This leaner meat has a great smoky flavor just like regular bacon and feels lighter in your tummy and is of course – in the long run – easier on the hips. Pork bacon is very high in saturated fats, which raise your blood cholesterol levels and risk of cardiovascular disease.

WAIT! Before you run to the shelves to pick up turkey bacon, keep in mind that reading labels is essential when food shopping. Many turkey bacons lure customers in with packaging that shouts “low fat” and “low calorie,” but if you check the labels – it is often super high in sodium content and other suspicious additives. Just make sure that the turkey bacon you’re buying is low in sodium (around 180mg) and doesn’t contain nitrites or nitrates (additive used to preserve/cure meats). Heck, if you can’t find one that meats (hehe- get it? meats!) these requirements, just chug a giant Vitamin Water afterwards.

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Tasting Tuesday: Bikini Bolognese

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Giada, you would be so proud. I just made a divine turkey bolognese. I’ll be honest, I’ve never made turkey bolognese, so I did a lot of Googling (and went first to Giada, duh). Luckily, it was one of those fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants days… everything I added to the skillet seemed so….. right. One of the reasons I love blogging is because I will get to share my amateur experiences with you all – and I promise, there will be some not-so-pretty ones. But hey, I’m 26 years old, I’ve never had a cooking lesson (not a one!) and I just love love love food (except eggplant, ack!) …. and I always aspire to be fitter, hence the healthiness I bring to my recipes. Every Italian woman wants to be a teeeeeeeny bit thinner…. except for Giada, she’s just blessed with that goddess-like Roman blood.

Tasting Tuesday is for me to test one of the recipes for my cookbook. So thanks for being my guinea pig. The key to this recipe today is briefly pureeing the carrots and celery before cooking them. This was a last-minute decision and really added to the texture of the bolognese and enriched the sauce.

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Tasting Tuesday: Zucchini Pasta Tower with Lentils, Escarole and a Fried Egg

Welcome to our first Tasting Tuesday! Every Tuesday, I will be posting up a new recipe – no theme, just something I am “testing” for my cookbook (yes, I’m writing a cookbook – more to come on that!) Obviously, I love to share my recipes and LOVE hearing feedback from readers. In many Tasting Tuesdays, I will be inviting friends over to taste and will post their comments with the recipe!


For today, we have a beautiful tower of zucchini pasta, lentils, and escarole. What sits on top of this Inspiralized throne? A fried egg! This dish has a bunch of great textures and is packed with protein – there’s a little over 12 grams of protein in 1/4 of a cup of lentils! Plus, 1 egg packs about 6 grams. Healthy and filling – no way!

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