Skinny Sunday: Greek Pasta Salad

IMG_4614 copy

Please excuse the plethora of “greek” recipes. Pretty much, it’s an excuse for me to use the near gallon of feta I bought at the grocery store. Also, of course…. I’m somewhere in Santorini right now, eating feta from the source – Greece!

Not only is this pasta salad light and fresh for the summer, it’s so low calorie and scrumptious, you won’t ever make regular pasta salad again. The crunchiness of the cucumber “spirals” complement the softness of the feta, while the red wine vinegar gives it the kick it needs. The sunflower seeds at the end (not so Greek) are a nice salty surprise.

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Happy 1 Month Anniversary to Inspiralized!

It’s officially been one month since I started Inspiralized! I’d like to thank everyone for their support. Whether it’s 1 new Twitter follower or an extra 20 page views, I have been excited every single day to see this blog grow. The overwhelming encouragement from family, friends and friends of friends of friends has been extremely touching. Everyone’s kind words make me work harder and harder towards my goals. Most importantly, I have to thank my boyfriend. Without him, I would have never had the courage to take the plunge. He inspires me every day to dream bigger, and I’m so lucky to have him by my side during all of this.

375821_765861829767_86424473_n copy

By the way, the picture above is of Lu and I on a farm in central New Jersey. Cool pic, right?

It’s daunting to quit your job and grow something out of thin air, but entrepreneurship runs in my blood, so I think my success rate is high – my mother’s father, my father’s father and my father all started businesses. In all transparency, I don’t think of this blog as simply a food blog. Of course, I will always blog – I love to write. But I see spiralized pasta as a movement, as a revolution.

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Pasta for Runners

DISCLAIMER: I am not a certified nutritionist nor do I have a degree in sports medicine. I read a lot (thank you Runner’s World) and I have racing experience. All of the opinions and advice expressed in this article are not to be taken in place of professional medical opinion.

IMG_4579 copy

Phew, now that we got that disclaimer out of the way, let’s talk running and eating. This week, I handed my boyfriend Dean Karnazes’ “Ultra Marathon Man.” When I was training for my marathon last summer, I read all of his books. He’s truly inspirational and just reading each page makes you want to go out for a run. His words “just put one foot in front of the other” got me through the 2012 Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco, CA last October.

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Farmer’s Market Thursday: Baked Zucchini Spaghetti

IMG_4659 copy

Mozzarella. Abbreviated most lovably as “mootz” and most notably sung in an Italian melody as “moots-ah-rell” at my grandparents’ house. The best pizza I ever had was on the Amalfi coast (in Italy)…. a thin crusted pizza baked simply with slices of mozzarella cheese over a blank canvas of tomato sauce, topped with drizzles of olive oil, salt, pepper and basil. So good – can someone teleport me there right now?

Since I can’t get to Italy right now, I’ll have to make something mozzarella-y in my apartment and pretend. To my delight, the Farmer’s Market yesterday had a beautiful ball of fresh mozzarella, made at a local farm. How could I not grab it? Mozzarella cheese is so inviting – it looks like a mini pillow.

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Zucchini Pasta Made for Men


I met this really cool chick at the cooking demo I did in Hoboken a couple weeks back. Like me, she’s a blogger. Unlike me, she’s a newlywed! Her blog, Life a la Wife, chronicles her adventures living with her new hubby! Alyssa loves to eat healthy, be active and live life to its fullest…. pretty positive vibes, right?

Naturally, I figured her readers would love an Inspiralized recipe. What better dish to create for Life a la Wife than a manly pasta that any husband (or boyfriend for that matter) will love? A great way to ease the “manly” man in your life into healthier pasta (Inspiralized pasta!) Read more about this recipe and why I decided to make it on Alyssa’s blog by clicking here. In the meantime, here it is…. a healthy spin on Chicken Parmesan!

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Tasting Tuesday: Inspiralized Kale Waldorf Salad


What perfect timing for a ritzy dish than on the day after Kate Middleton gave birth to the future King of England. Today, we’re reinventing The Waldorf Salad.

In case you missed my brief spiel about enhancing boring salads, check that out. Lemme quickly rehash…

Begin speil.

You’ll never see me eating a regular salad ever again. What’s “regular” salad? You know – a bed of lifeless lettuce that lays squished under chopped cucumbers, croutons, grape tomatoes, sliced onions and if you’re lucky – carrots, radishes and maybe some raw bell pepper. Don’t get me wrong – I love salad. You’ll often find me frequenting salad bars like Chop’t or Just Salad in the city – they offer a bit of creativity in ingredients, but their options are all prepared the same mundane way – chopped, diced or sliced. Why not spiralized? Better yet, why not Inspiralized?

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Meatless Monday: Grilled Ricotta Spaghetti & Brussel Sprouts with Butter Beans and Sundried Tomatoes


It’s another Meatless Monday and what vegetable better to hold its own than the brussel sprout? For me, it was love at first sight. I will never truly understand why people dread these little guys. They’re so mysterious – are they a baby cabbage? Are they miniature heads of lettuce? They always keep me guessin’.

At least in the culinary scene here in NYC/NJ, they’ve become quite trendy. In the past two years or so, I’ve seen many more restaurants feature roasted brussel sprouts as side options or specials on their menus. Most recently, I’ve seen a lot of shaved brussel sprout salads or “hashes” flavored with chopped crunchy bacon.

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